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The Greatest 7th Birthday

A Greatest Showman Birthday Party to Remember

Are you the mom that asks your kids what theme they want for their birthday and then makes their dreams come true because you can't resist the joy of spoiling them?   Well, when one of my daughter Ella's friends had her turn at a 7th birthday she dreamt up the most fabulous pajama wearing, movie watching, pizza making, Greatest Showman party and her mom couldn't resist making that birthday party a reality! 

There was only one problem, everyone may love the movie, the music, the elaborate costumes, but where on earth would she find Greatest Showman themed party supplies?

Fortunately for her, that's exactly what Sprinkles & Confetti specializes in.  Custom party boxes built to bring your party vision to life and still be affordable, practical, party packages intended for in home or small venue uses.  

Greatest Showman Birthday Party Ideas

I'm not going to lie, when Cecile Adams (@cecileadams) requested a custom party box for this party, I was thrilled.  Cecile is one of the most creative people I know, her home is beautiful, and her instagram feed is worth admiring... but the best part about her is behind all those fabulous photos there's the most caring, loving mom you'll find.  Like many of us, Cecile has a full time creative job that required a ton of travel, a spouse with a busy job too, and well she's mom of two school aged girls both of which are involved in several activities, so there's really no time to spare in their household. 

While these photos I'm about to share are beautiful... because that's one of Cecile's secret talents, she's just like the rest of us busy moms.  In the week's leading up to Summer's party, she realized she had all the Pinterest inspiration she could ever want for this party, but she had no time to research where she'd find the right combination of party supplies to pull it together... insert Sprinkles & Confetti to come to the rescue! 

 Greatest Showman Birthday Custom signs

Greatest Showman Birthday Party Circus Cupcakes

 Greatest Showman Birthday Party Cookie Station

Greatest Showman Pizza Station

Greatest Showman Circus Water Bottle Labels

Greatest Showman Birthday Party

With a few customized pieces, like our custom ordered party signs and a little DIY love which is exactly what Cecile did to make those circus animal cupcake toppers happen the party elements came together perfect for a fabulous Greatest Showman Birthday.

And like all pros, Cecile knew if she was going to host in her home then she'd need an activity to keep all the girls busy!  These Million Dreams jars were the perfect fit. Using battery operated lights, mason jars, and a whole lot of fun gems and stickers for the girls to decorate with each girl was able to create her own personalized dream jar and take it home from the party.  I know this one left a lasting impression on my 7 year old who is still turning hers on nightly to admire! 

 Greatest Showman birthday Million Dream Jar  Greatest Showman Birthday Party Million Dreams jar   Greatest Showman Birthday Party Million Dreams Jars

While not all parties are as grand as the greatest show, if you loved this party look or just need a little help planning your child's next birthday, we're here!  Sprinkles & Confetti custom party boxes are the perfect solution - you keep the fun of creating a party vision, get to approve all the party supply items before they are shipped, and keep control over your party budget, but we can help you create customized signs, work together on a great party activity or ideas for party favors, and ship everything directly to your door with plenty of time before the party so you don't have to hassle with endless errand running and hours of online shopping! 

You can also party knowing you're spreading joy, not only to the friends and family enjoying your memorable party celebration, but each Sprinkles & Confetti purchase helps us support The Birthday Party Project's mission to spread joy through the magic of birthdays to children in transitional and homeless shelters.  It's a great way to give the joy of a birthday to a child in need while celebrating your own child! 


Greatest Showman Birthday Party


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Beth - January 18, 2020

This is over-the-top fabulous! Your attention to detail is extraordinary!

Bri Adams - December 19, 2019

You are so amazing to be able to pull together a package for this party theme! I love how it all turned out. Such a fun time for all those cute kids.

Susan - December 19, 2019

All the details are just too cute ! I bet the kids had a wonderful time decorating the star cookies.

Nathalie - Press Print Party! - December 19, 2019

My daughter would LOVE this. She’s such a Greatest Showman fan.

Natalie Mayhew - November 30, 2019

This is fabulous! I love this idea and it looks gorgeous!

Lori - November 30, 2019

This party is full of fun details!! I just love them all but the lions jumping through the rings on the cupcakes are brilliant!! Everything is so fabulous!

Susan-SugarPartiesLa - November 30, 2019

That’s awesome you do custom party boxes. This snowman party looks great ! I am loving those toppers. Very fun theme.

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