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Orders placed before 3pm EST are shipped next business day.

Balloon Policy


What if I need to change my balloons?


The Client has the freedom to reschedule the installation with a written 72 hour  notice. The Client may reschedule for any date within the next 365 calendar days, at the convenience of Sprinkles & Confetti, without being charged a cancellation fee. The reschedule date is subject to availability. If we are unavailable, the below cancellation policies and fees will apply.


The Client has the freedom to cancel at any time without receiving a cancellation fee, so as Sprinkles & Confetti receives a written notice within 72 hours in advance and client understands custom order items may be charged a reshelving fee.  Orders cancelled less than 72 hours in advance are subject to cancellation charges including but not limited to; retainer fee, materials, supplies, labor, etc. will be forfeited and considered non-refundable.



It is the Client’s sole responsibility to confirm if the venue allows; helium tanks, helium balloons, latex balloons, tall structures, wall hangings, tall ladders, etc. prior to any payment made to Sprinkles & Confetti. If the Client fails to confirm the venue’s rules for balloons, helium tanks/balloons, wall hangings, tall ladders, etc. prior to making any payment(s), said payment(s) will be forfeited and considered non-refundable.

Venue Access

It is the Client’s responsibility to make arrangements for Sprinkles & Confetti to gain/maintain access of the venue. Access arrangements apply to access prior to the event for installation, as well as access to strike, if applicable, or breakdown any props, designs, equipment, etc. If props/designs/equipment are transported by the Client, the Client may return said items to Sprinkles & Confetti the following day.

Personal Residence

If the location of the event is located in a personal residence, the above installation terms still apply.  The Client understands that installations are done using an array of options including but not limited to command strip, removable wall mounts, etc. If there is a preference in method of installation, please inform us 24 hours prior to balloon install. 

Balloon Float Time

Your balloon decor will be designed around the specifications of your event.

• Latex balloons have an approximate float time of 12 hours.

• Mylar/Foil balloons have an approximate float time of 1 week.

• There are many variables that can affect the float time of your balloon decor including but not limited to weather, rain, wind, extreme heat.

• Please be aware of this if you are reserving a date for an outdoor installation.

Balloon Releases

Although balloon releases are intended to remember someone lost, support a cause, show respect for someone or something, and much more, Sprinkles & Confetti does not participate in balloon releases of any kind.

Outdoor Events


By signing the Terms & Conditions, the Client acknowledges that some balloon decor may be affected by temperature and humidity, something that Sprinkles & Confetti can not be held liable for.  Sprinkles & Confetti will not be held liable for the reaction of any balloon decor to the weather or uncontrollable acts of nature including but not limited to rain, wind, or extreme heat.  Sprinkles & Confetti NEVER guarantees perfect results for any installation done outdoors or in these uncontrollable situations.

• In the event there is a weather situation that prevents installing the balloon decor in the original location at a venue, Sprinkles & Confetti will work with client to find a proposed secondary installation opiton. 

• It is the Client’s sole responsibility to have an alternate location available and ready in the event the original location is not able to be utilized. 

• If the Client cancels the event due to rain or other bad weather, not designated as “dangerous weather”or “natural disaster”, the Client understands that the payments will be forfeited and considered nonrefundable. The payments will not be transferable.


In the event Sprinkles & Confetti deems the event or the installation to be unsafe, service will be refused  until the unsafe situation is made safe again. If the Clients guests or other vendors have made the installation or location unsafe, the Client assumes full responsibility and pays any fees for travel, rentals, staff, etc.