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The Endless Possibilities!

I admit, I might be on a bit of a balloon kick here but I'll say it again... they are the easiest thing ever to decorate with and pretty cost effective party decor too! 

Did you know that layering Qualatex balloons can result in over 100 expanded color offerings?  I certainly had no idea "double stuffing" as Qualatex calls it was an option, but now that I do I think this is worth sharing so all of you do too!  

Simply layer 2 balloons and create a whole rainbow of new colors!

With names like caramel, cinnamon, and cabernet I'm starting to envision balloon decor in a whole new glamorous way!  

Qualatex balloon color guide

Link to Sprinkles and Confetti balloon party suppplies



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Party Supplies Online - September 27, 2017

I love balloons, in Ever party balloons will make more attractive to the ambiance. I use to decorate my home with balloons for every event in my home. My children always play with the balloons regularly. I eventually buy the balloons from party supplies store.

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