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Italian Soda Party Beverage Station

In need of a creative party drink but not sure where to start!  Try a simple Italian Soda Beverage Bar!

When I was tasked to come up with a fun beverage idea for an afternoon adult birthday party that could also be kid friendly, I'm not going to lie I was a bit stumped.  My usual party drinks involve fun cocktails and bubbly champagne sips, but after a bit of Pinterest browsing,  it hit me... let's do an Italian Soda Bar!

Not only is it self-serve, able to sit out throughout the party, and pretty straight forward it's fun because you get to build your own beverage choices with the flavor options! 

Looking for party beverage inspiration? Save yourself some trouble and check out our party beverage board with all kinds of ideas!  Follow along and we'll keep the inspiration coming!

It is truly simple, this beverage bar works on either a countertop or a bar cart and really only requires a few grocery store ingredients to bring it all together and a pop of colorful decor to give it a special touch! 

Ingredient list:
  • Crushed Ice
  • Flavored syrups (this was honestly the hardest part to find - I lucked out and found 3 great flavors at Homegoods but if not you may have to order online)
  • Sparkling Water
  • Heavy Cream

Start by adding the crushed ice to the bottom of your cup, throw in a couple pumps of of the flavored syrup.  Once you've made your flavor selection, fill with sparkling water and top with a touch of cream.  Not only does this create a fizzy flavorful drink but it tastes delicious too and is a very special treat for any younger guests in attendance! 

If you want to give your guests a little extra frothy fun you can also include whip cream to top off their fancy beverage!

Now that you have all the key ingredients, you can stop there or you can add on some party flair with fun paper patterned straws, drink flags, and a pop of color or pattern with your beverage napkin! 

For this particular party, we really liked the idea of some simple straw flags to add that extra element of fun and surprise for our guests so we printed these free at home party printables & added them with our favorite party items
(click photos for links)!

And when it comes to party napkins, well Sprinkles & Confetti has you covered.

Whether you're hosting a birthday, baby shower, engagement party we have plenty of party napkin ready to purchase in our shopable party supply collections and it doesn't stop there we try to complete the full collection so you can get everything you need in one place! 

Parties Made Simple.



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Nathalie - Press Print Party! - January 28, 2019

We use French syrups and fizzy water a lot at parties. Guests love them. I’ve had the Italian ones too. yum.

Bri Adams - January 26, 2019

I LOVE Italian sodas! What a fun thing and it’s so easy. My local grocery store carries some of the syrup flavors in the drink mixer section but when I’ve needed specific flavors I have ordered mine online too. Nice job finding them at Home Goods!

Susan - January 25, 2019

This is makes me want to have a soda bar ! I mean how fun is that !! I love trying new things and adding new things when I host. Thank you for sharing.

Holly - January 21, 2019

So much fun!! I definitely want to do this at a gathering!

Beth - January 18, 2019

Love this Italian Soda Bar with all the cute straws and stuff! We’ve done this as a non-alcoholic alternative and our guests love it!

Lori - January 18, 2019

What a fabulous idea!! It sounds so refreshing and I love that it’s kid friendly too!! Not to mention it’s akways nice to serve pretty non alcoholic options!!

Carolina Villarreal - January 16, 2019

This is simply too cute and so easy yo re create!! Love all the party supplies too!

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