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Like to Host it | Instagram Favorite Finds Edition



If you know me at all, you know that I love any chance I get to share wins with other moms!  And as the holiday season approaches, I know how time consuming it is to find good quality, unique gifts... so this November edition is dedicated to my favorite instagram finds that happen to be giftable (some make great self gifts too)! 

As a bonus most of these are small female owned businesses or some that started off small and grew to be larger brands today! 

In this particular edition, I'm not gaining affiliate commissions or any incentives, just genuinely sharing things I like with all of you to make holiday shopping a bit easier this year - these are items I can personally vouch for! 


1.  STATIC NAIL POLISH (link here)

My nails chip like crazy, they are weak and peel and no nail polish ever stays on.  With my busy schedule, I don't have time to get gel manicures every two weeks... so insert Static Nail Polish.  Love their primer and top coat system that locks in the polish and actually stays on my nails!  My personal favorite color is Ballerina, but there's plenty of options and a few gift sets to select from. 

    2. SKINCHIES  (link here)

    This friend referred purchase might be my most random instagram purchase  to date.  These "towel" scrunchies aren't for your hair.  Instead they are for your wrists when you're washing your face at night.   A good face wash can result in a watery mess down the sleeves of your shirt unless you use these helpful little tools... problem solved. 

      3. HANACURE (link here)

      Another beauty find, these face masks are a whole new level.  Be prepared to have a tightening experience but an amazingly refreshed face after you use these. 20 minutes start to finish and you're all set.  

        4.  PAPAYA REUSABLES (link here)

        A recent find, I love the concept of these natural & antibacterial towels.  There's nothing I hate more than a gross dish cloth - so far I've been impressed with the easy wipe up ability of these reusable towels and then best part is you can toss them in the dishwasher to get clean and reuse again.

          5. MY BADASS GIRL GANG BRACELET (link here)

          Girlfriend support system.  Enough said - you know who those people are and what a great gift! 

            6.  LEATHER WACH BAND (link here)

            This Esty seller won me over with the ability to order for your personal wrist size! I love that it's unique and that I was about to get just the right fit! 

              7. SUSTAINIMALS (link here)

              Created by a fellow University of Michigan alumni and Alpha Chi Omega sorority sister, I love Julia's concept to create soft cuddly animals from recycled plastics all why supporting a good cause.  With a modern look and feel yet still totally cuddly they make a perfect gift for a new little one in the family!

                8. LINDSAY LETTERS (link here)

                Lindsay Letters was a brand I discovered a little over a year ago when her daughter, Eva, that is near the same age as my Ella had a fluke traumatic brain injury.  A beautiful artist, her shop was growing and thriving before this event, but watching her family's story on instagram and her business journey during an incredibly trying time has been so inspiring.  Lindsay's daughter Eva is the inspiration behind this blanket, but there's so many terrific items that are worth checking out! 

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                  Happy Holidays!



                  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases and I sometimes use affiliate links from multiple brands throughout my content.  They won't cost you anything and all opinions remain my own. 

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