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Bright Halloween Ideas  

Who says Halloween has to be scary? Here at Sprinkles & Confetti I am all about color (the brighter the better). Don't get me wrong, I love a classic black and white theme, but this Halloween I am staying true to S&C and mixing in bright colors! I am here to give your Halloween decor that extra pop to the predictable orange, black and white color scheme. 

Did I scare you with this bright idea? Keep reading, I think you will like what you see. I have come up with a shopping guide that will easily work with what you already have, but add that extra sprinkle on top! 


Items linked here:

1. Acrylic Ghosts

2. Taper Candle Holders

3. LED White Resin Jack-O'-Lantern

4. Halloween Tray Garland 

5. Bright Paper Plates

There are so many creative ways to brighten up your Halloween look this year!  Take a peak at the big stores and smaller sellers too and find the right fit for your Halloween decor update. 

In addition to our favorite brights, check out our complete


As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases and I sometimes use affiliate links from multiple brands throughout my content.  They won't cost you anything and all opinions remain my own. 


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