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Five is Fun!


It's all about the girlie girl in this post!  When our little girl turned 5 and all she really asked for was a playdate with her favorite girlfriends, I was thrilled...something I knew mom could handle! 

Finally, an opportunity to plan a small fun party at home.  No crazy long list of toddlers attending and no huge bill from renting out the latest indoor gym.  Don't get me wrong, we've had those parties and they've been perfect in the past, but I was happy to be spared the large expense this year and excited to create something personalized just for her!

With just a few weeks of planning and about $100 budget, I was able to pull this tea party lunch date together for our birthday girl and 5 of her best girlfriends.  I needed about an hour of uninterrupted setup time and our home playroom transformed into our little lady's birthday tea party playdate!

Happy Birthday Party banner with #5 Balloon


Ultimately, she had a great day being the special birthday girl and I was reminded that she doesn't care if the pictures are perfect (which is good because they aren't) or the table is set just right; she's 5 and all she wanted to do was put on the fanciest dress she owned, eat lunch, and play with her girlfriends! 

Recreate this Party


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Tabletop items- pink plates, cups with gold trim, gold forks, pink tiered cakestand

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As always I hope you find this helpful so you can Make Your next party a little Simpler!   We love sharing our parties and celebrating yours! 





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