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Besties, Bites & Bubbly! Your Fool Proof Galentine's Day Party!


Yes, yes it's that time of year where our social feeds are blowing up with Valentine's day inspiration and as a party person myself I've already hosted a Valentine's Day Love Bug play date for my kiddos because it's kind of fun to have a heart filled event and spoil the kids with arts and crafts and sweet treats.

But I'm really loving the recent evolution of Galentine's day over the last few years because the holiday is becoming about us ladies too!  Why not take this holiday as a perfect excuse to have a girls night with your favorite besties? I know I can certainly always use a good girls night in to catch up with friends and enjoy a moment of good ladies convo! 

So this year as I started to think about what I'd like my girlfriends to enjoy, I knew I wanted it to be fun and light hearted but not overloaded with too much cheesy Galentine's decor.  That's when I had the idea to connect with Christina at Sunshine Tulips Designs to create me the perfect party printables that were more black & white than pink to give the evening a more sophisticated edge!

My girlfriends have been the backbone of support when it comes to Sprinkles & Confetti, so my ladies know as they were arrived the party doesn't get started until a few pictures are snagged so that I can share all the details with all of you!  Yep that means this hostess was standing on top of the barstools so I could get the whole table in a photo, borrowing my poor girlfriends beverages so the table looked complete. 

I was going for a casual but glam vibe this year so I could spoil my girlfriends with an evening away from the kids without having to put too much pressure on the night out or the setup for myself as the hostess!  I try not to do dishes when I'm hosting, and since I'm in the party supply biz, that means paper plates & plastic utensils are the only way I usually host!

I'm super lucky, my friend Holly at Legally Crafty let me borrow this beautiful XOXO table runner that she made for some of her Valentine's day festivities!  With the multiple shades of pink it worked perfect to use along side items I already had at home and a few we sell on the site! She's way more creative and crafty than me, but I love her encouragement.  I'm pretty sure if Holly has trouble finding what she needs for a party, she just makes it!  

To complete the table and do something a fun, I used Sunshine Tulip Designs printable cupcake toppers to turn them into little question cards!  Everyone at the table wrote down a few fun and entertaining questions to ask the whole table and we threw them in this heart shaped dish I pulled off the storage closet shelves from last year.  Since the ladies joining me were very good friends for several years this made for an entertaining gathering!  

But no evening in my household is complete without some delicious desserts.  If you follow along on the blog, you know I'm a big fan of Minneapolis based Ink Sweets for Leah's unique design elements.  I feel like no matter what I order she takes my inspiration and creates a perfect dessert element with just a bit of unique character!  While the kids were begging all day to have a taste of these fun treats, they were all for the ladies and their chocolate goodness was enjoyed thoroughly! 

I'm lucky my friends are so awesome with a few simple appetizers and some takeout food we enjoyed our wine, fun evening questions, and most of all the good company.  The busier our schedules get the harder it is to get everyone together which is exactly why I like to take an opportunity like Galentine's day to throw a festive gathering and ensure we find a ladies night out! 

If you're looking for other ways to style your Besties, Bites & Bubbly gathering - try a bar cart instead of setting the table in advance!   Easy place to setup sips & sweets without having to provide a full dinner for your gal pals!   And my fancy backdrop - well it's actually just wrapping paper!  



Parties Made Simple.






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Nathalie - February 24, 2019

You had me with that backdrop. Totally looks like a painting…. so clever!

Bri - February 3, 2019

What a great event. I like that you dressed the table up so much but then kept the food simple. That’s my kind of party!

Holly - February 1, 2019

I’m so glad I could borrow you the runner! It all looks so fabulous!!

Susan - February 1, 2019

What adorable Partyware. Surprisingly I’ve never hosted or been to a Galentines party but I hope to one day because this is so freakin cute !

Susan - February 1, 2019

What adorable Partyware. Surprisingly I’ve never hosted or been to a Galentines party but I hope to one day because this is so freakin cute !

Carolina Villarreal - February 1, 2019

I love all the details and the runner with the XOXO is so cool! I also loved the hot pink and black mix of colors!

Beth - January 30, 2019

Love this recipe for a fabulous Galentine’s Party! Thanks for sharing!

Lori - January 30, 2019

Such a fantastic party!! I love the backdrop idea for the cart and the cupcakes look amazing!! Love Holly’s runner too!! Everything is beautiful!!

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