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Baby It's Cold Outside

Mint & Gold Winter Baby Shower | Party Supplies | Sprinkles & Confetti

While I normally don't get to attend the parties I put together because they are shipped to my amazing customers near and far, the best parties are those occasional opportunities when I have a chance to celebrate with the guest of honor herself! 

I was secretly excited to see the first snowfall for us in Minneapolis the day I had the honor to help provide the décor for this lovely Winter Wonderland baby shower @LAB . With snow covered trees and a cozy mix of mint and metallic décor inside, I had everything I needed to make sure this momma - to - be felt special for her big day!

Working with a great urban venue space and clients who had picked a mint and metallic color scheme, this custom party package came to life with darling mint plates, gold baby accents, and the right balance of special decor items for mom to use with baby boy in the days and weeks to come after the shower! 

Mint & Gold Baby Shower Party Supplies | Sprinkles & Confetti

Don't waste time starting from scratch when planning a baby shower!   Visit Sprinkles & Confetti's Mint & Gold Collection for many of these items.  Or consider our custom Design Services to personalize your baby shower for the special mom-to-be!  Our goal is to Make Parties Simpler and that means less time and hassle for all the busy hostesses out there.  No large design fees, no hidden costs... our custom services simply require a small design deposit and a few simple answers to a short list of questions... before you know it your party package is arriving on your doorstep & ready to impress all your guests! 

Mint & Gold Baby Shower Party Supplies | Sprinkles & Confetti

I can't end this post without sharing my absolute favorite part of this baby shower.  Wondering what we're all doing in the picture below?  Creating an alphabet book for the mom - to - be to read with her special baby boy. Not only was this one of the easier shower games to involve everyone in, but it was so special to create a gift mom could enjoy well after the shower! 

Baby Shower Game | Mint & Gold Baby Shower | Sprinkles & Confetti Party Supplies

A to Z Stencil Book | Baby Shower | Sprinkles & Confetti

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Nathalie - Press Print Party! - December 17, 2018

That A-Z book is such a sweet idea. A craft is such a good idea for any party!

Beth - December 15, 2018

Love this baby shower! And, that book activity is absolutely perfect!

Bri Adams - December 9, 2018

Such a pretty baby shower package and I LOVE the idea of creating a book for Mom and baby. Such a great activity.

Susan - December 9, 2018

Activities are so great for guests and for keeping kiddos occupied ! And it makes you a great host.

Holly Hulke - December 5, 2018

I love this activity idea! Something different than some of the cheesy games!! Love the light blue color, too!

Carolina Villarreal - December 3, 2018

I love to always make the guests’ participate with a fun activity! So fun!

Lori - December 3, 2018

Not only is this party collection adorable but I love the alphabet book!! What a fabulous idea for a shower activity!!!

Lucy - December 13, 2017

So cool! I really like this idea. Where were you all my life. I so struggle with this. Thanks for the post. I am saving this inf. ?❤️

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