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Orders placed before 3pm EST are shipped next business day.

Meet Me!

Meet Jackie Owner of Sprinkles & Confetti  | Party Supply Shop & Custom Party In a Box


Sprinkles & Confetti was launched in 2016 by me – Jackie! I’m a busy mom of two and experienced retail professional who also loves to shop and entertain. Seeing so many friends stress out planning parties, making everyone else happy except for themselves, I decided to bring my two passions together by creating Sprinkles & Confetti.

With Sprinkles & Confetti, you can skip shopping all over town for the perfect party supplies, spending time and effort you simply do not have. We are a one-stop online shop delivering high-quality, yet affordable, party supply collections while saving you tons of time, sweat and tears. We can even work as your virtual party planner, customizing each piece and putting together a party in a box that’s shipped to your door.

As a devoted mom, wife, dreamer, and determined entrepreneur, I’m a believer that life is simply too short to not be doing something you love. Sprinkles & Confetti is about sharing my passion while helping everyone find more joy in each unique party they host.

I am sincerely thankful for the support of friends and family, and grateful for each of you who shops with us!       Jackie