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Summer Party Ideas & Tips

Party People!

Can you believe it's already Memorial Day and the ultimate kickoff to lots of backyard BBQs, summer picnics, and fun outdoor celebrations.  

Whether you're gearing up to celebrate a summer birthday or sitting guests down for a special bridal or baby shower, there's a few things we recommend to survive any kind of summer party!  And while we'd like to equip you with lots of items we sell in store we're not ashamed to recommend a few we don't!  Don't be surprised if some of the links below lead you to our favorite affordable items we think every host should have on hand!  

Helpful tips for your summer party | Party supplies & ideas by Sprinkles & Confetti

1.  Tabletop Decor over Hanging Decor 

 Personally, I don't have a lot of places on my patio I can hang banners, party fan decor, or pictures.  So when I plan an outdoor summer party I focus on some of the smaller centerpiece details I can use to make the tables look nice.  If it's a birthday I may still add some balloons, but I try to keep my hanging decor limited since weather is unpredictable and wind interviews, focus on the party supplies that the guess will notice at a main focal point! 

Follow our Summer Party Ideas Pinterest board for centerpiece & other Summer Party Inspiration 

Summer Parties & Ideas

2.  Mix Fun Prints & Patterns 

We believe it's okay to throw a bright party any day, but when summer roles around there's really no excuse not to add some fun print and pattern to your party supply decor. 

 Pool Party | Pink & Yellow Summer Party supplies
Red, White, & Blue Party supplies with stripes and stars | Summer party Supplies

3.  Easy Wipe or Easy Clean Table Clothes 

Summer beverages and foods tend to be messy and sticky.  Whether you're serving fruit, fruity drinks, or popsicles for dessert lots of the things we love about vibrant summer colors also means the occasional stain!  So depending on the party and your menu it might not be the best idea to put out grandma's vintage table clothes!  Consider easy clean fabrics like patio table clothes & vinyl table clothes or more affordable options that you can part with if one or two get ruined from a messy guest. 

Here's some of our affordable favorites:

1.  Vinyl easy clean $5.95  (available in several colors)

Vinyl Table cloth in festive green (available in several colors) | Summer party supppliesPink Vinyl Table Cloth (available in several colors)black vinyl table cloth (available in several colors) | summer party supplies

2.  Patio Table clothes (often in easy clean fabrics)! 

Rainbow Stripe Tablecloth





3.  Summer looks in cotton or polyester


4.  Drink Dispensers

Save yourself the hassle of a ton of melting ice.  Make an ice cube ring (fruit optional) a few nights before the party and drop it into one of these big and beautiful ice dispensers to serve your guests throughout the party! 

Ice Cube Ring Instructions  



5.  Silverware Hack 

This silverware tip is sure to save your guests some extra stress while juggling their plates, forks, and napkins while surfing the buffet or food table.  Simply whole punch your paper plate and attach the napkin and silverware with a piece of ribbon, bakers string, or twine! 


Solid pink plate with napkin and gold silverware attached via ribbon  


Parties Made Simple.



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