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Superhero Birthday Parties Made Simple

Has your child ever dreamt up what seemed like an impossible birthday party theme?   They spend weeks or maybe even months wishing they could have a birthday party that involved their favorite characters, story book theme, or friends only to find out that there's not a ready to buy store collection available in that party theme?

Occasionally I get an email or call from a mom who's child has certainly thrown them a birthday challenge!   When your birthday girl or boy picks an impossible birthday theme then that's your cue to get in touch with us! 

My most recent challenging birthday girl wanted a Spiderman Ninja party!   Not one or other but a combination of both.  While it was fun to see the 4 year old birthday girl pick adventure &  super heroes even I had to pause for a moment to figure out how I'd pull that custom party box together!  

Custom Party Box | Sprinkles & Confetti Party Supplies

Kids Birthday Party Custom Boxes 

The best part of custom party boxes at Sprinkles & Confetti is that you still get to help craft the party vision, with a chance to review all the party supply items suggested before you purchase!  You help create a box that is just right for the birthday girl or boy, on your budget, and keep the fun of  working with your party stylist to make personalized decisions while leaving all the hassle behind, skip the time you would have spent scrolling Pinterest for ideas, no waiting in line at stores, or hours of online shopping.  We use our party expertise to secure you all the right party items and then ship them directly to your doorstep so you're ready for the party!  

As a busy mom of two kids, my main goal is to save hostesses time and when I get a custom party box request with a semi "impossible" theme I know exactly how that mom feels.   We do our best to make the birthday boy or girl happy and together we have fun so that we can spend a little more time celebrating the birthday instead of stressing about it!  

Did you know at Sprinkles & Confetti, not only do we strive to make your party simple, but we also support The Birthday Party Project and their mission to spread joy through the magic of birthday parties for children in homeless and transitional living shelters.  Yes that's right, a portion of our proceeds and volunteer hours help support their great cause so you're not just saving yourself time you're doing something great for communities across the country when you purchase your party supplies (custom or not) from Sprinkles & Confetti

Next time you have a party to host (impossible theme or not), consider the time you could save!  And no a custom party box does not mean it's expensive, not at all!  It simply means it's customized to what you need so you don't get a box full of a bunch of items you won't use at your party.  We want your and the birthday girl or boy to be as happy as can be celebrating your special occasions! 


Parties Made Simple.







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Jennifer Digiacomo - September 9, 2019

Your supplies are always so adorable! I love that everything comes together in a set! It makes things so much easier!

Susan - September 9, 2019

Super hero parties are so fun ! I love how you make it easier for moms to throw their children a party ! We all need that

Nathalie - September 9, 2019

Such a great help to busy moms. Sometimes it’s near impossible to find what you’re looking for.

Bri Adams - September 9, 2019

This is definitely a tough theme and I LOVE that she chose I and even more love that you were able to help a mama out and pull it together. I think this one would make me pause too! Looks like it turned out wonderfully.

Holly - September 9, 2019

Love how quickly you can pull a customized theme together! Saves so much time!

Beth - August 27, 2019

Wow! Anything that makes my busy life easier is awesome! I love what you do!

Lori - August 21, 2019

I love how you make it so easy to throw a darling party!! Parents never have enough time in the day right? This is such a great way to help make those memories!!

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