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Stop, Drop, Shop & Stuff those Stockings with this Easy Guide

Forget about the last minute stocking stuffer junk run and get your gifts NOW! Quality over quantity + {BONUS} these recommendations all support small businesses like ours.

Snap up these goodies for everyone on your list:

1. beverage napkins

2. customized pencils 

3. golf bag name tag

4. kids Christmas themed dough 

5. heart necklace 

6. water bottle extraordinaire 

7.  bath bombs 

8. Christmas cheer (candle version)

9.  instant tea tabs 

10. blue light blocking glasses 

So...Stop, Drop, Shop & Stuff.

Shop these stuffers and more on our site, CLICK HERE!  

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases and I sometimes use affiliate links from multiple brands throughout my content. They won't cost you anything and all opinions remain my own. 

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