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Tablescape: Thanksgiving edition

The big feast (aka Thanksgiving) is coming and the menu is somewhat predictable. So here at Sprinkles & Confetti we are looking forward to the tablescape! Wikipedia's definition of a Tablescape: a "Noun. An artistic arrangement of articles on a table." 

There are so many directions you can take your table: traditional, bright, nature inspired, whimsy - the decision is all yours. What we have for you is HOW to bring all your elements together to achieve a stylish table that will warmly welcome your guests + take away the assumed predictability of this holiday. 

1. start with a centerpiece 

2. layer with a runner 

3. select your cutlery, napkins & napkins rings 

4. gather your glasses, dishes + seasonal serveware 

5. arrange your meal accessories (s&p shaker, gravy boat, butter dish, etc.)

6. give your table some height (this also works well for pie presentation)

7. arrange name cards ahead of time

8. welcome guests with a seasonal specialty drink + coaster 

We recommend you focus on how you want your guests to feel. Thanksgiving is the season for togetherness and gratitude. A well planned tablescape will convey these feelings! 

You can shop for your Thanksgiving tabletop on our site, CLICK HERE!  

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