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One Day of Wedding Detail You Don't Want to Forget

Introducing the Bridal Suite Box

Whether you’re the bride, maid of honor, event planner, or venue coordinator you know the morning of any wedding is filled with excitement, joy, and just a touch of chaos!  Too often, the bridal suite is an overlooked detail, but it's one of the most important elements to start your big day off right and often the first of many memorable moments to be photographed! 

Brides, you can stress less, because we've partnered with B+D Custom Crafts to bring you this customizable Bridal Suite Box, complete with stylish plates, napkins, and custom decor elements all packaged perfectly in one transportable box to ensure your pre-ceremony hours are as photo-worthy as all the others! 


Bridal Suite Box | Day of Wedding | Bridal Party Breakfast Box



Okay, we get it, with all the other wedding planning to-dos maybe you've been too busy to think about the actual day of the wedding just yet?  Well, we have a few tips to help make your day less stressful and your bridal suite a little more special!  

Day of Wedding Tip | #1 Delegate

Brides you can't do it all on your wedding day and your number one priority should be to enjoy one of the most special days of your life!  So in the weeks leading up to the wedding think about who your go-to person is going to be for any last minute wedding day details.  Are you fortunate enough to have an event planner or day of coordinator?  Do you have a personal attendant or good friend who won't be part of the bridal party that you can trust?  Make sure all your wedding vendors have that person's phone number; the last thing you want to be doing on your wedding day is answering phone calls for typically minor things someone else can take care of for you!  

Day of Wedding Tips | #2 Make an Agenda After all the months and busy weeks leading up to the wedding it's really easy to forget to sit down and actually make an agenda for the day of the wedding!  But we promise, the best way to enjoy the day with less stress is to plan it out (with a little buffer time included). What time do you want the bridal party to meet?  Are the guys doing something different than the gals?  Does someone need to drop the flower girl off after nap so she makes it just in time for pre-ceremony photos?  You'll know the plans better than anyone else, but you still need to make a point to communicate them!  So map out your ideal agenda and then share it with the bridal party so they know what to expect! 

 Day of Wedding Tips | #3 Take Time for Food Okay, now the big one, somewhere in that busy agenda make sure there's time to grab a bite to eat before you put on that gorgeous gown!  No one thinks they won't have time to eat, but in the hype of the day between hair appointments, traffic jams, and excited friends and family, if you aren't intentional about staying hydrated and eating something the day can flash by and before you know it you're supposed to be walking down the aisle and you haven't had a single thing all day other than that morning coffee you snagged on your way out the door!  So put someone in charge of the snacks or have your venue set the bridal suite up with food, but ensure everyone gets a chance to eat something!  You want happy not hangry bridesmaids when you're taking those beautiful photos.  Our Bridal Suite Boxes make it so easy to have everything you need on hand to grab a pre-ceremony snack and toss the mess without looking back!  

Not sure what to serve?  Here are a few easy staples that are always crowd pleasers! 

1.  Champagne! Followed by Bottled Water!

2.  Fruit 

3.  Veggies

4.  Your favorite chip or crackers with dip 

5.  Popcorn 

 Day of Wedding Tips | #4 Personalize Your day As we mentioned in the beginning, the bridal suite is normally where the memories begin and the photos start so make sure your space is as special as it can be!  Don't under estimate what a few small decor items can add to an otherwise plain looking room and ensure you spend a minute checking the details for any particular photos you had on your must capture list.  Is there somewhere nice to hang your dress to get that floor to ceiling view of your amazing gown? Do you want the florist to have your bouquets on hand a bit early so they can be used for photography and ambiance in the room?  Can you drop your Bridal Suite Box off the day before or do you need someone to bring it with?  Envision the space and determine what you want it to look like to ensure you're happy and comfortable in the moments leading up to your big walk down the aisle! 

 Bridal Bouquet  

We hope on your special day you can show up in something comfy, ready to get glammed up, eat your snacks, and enjoy every minute of the celebrations! 

Don’t worry brides! We haven’t forgotten about your groom and groomsmen. Think they’d enjoy a little box of goodies too?  We can do that, when you order your Bridal Suite Box  just visit the product page details and complete a custom request.   


Parties Made Simple.




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Bri Adams - September 26, 2018

What a great list for brides. I would have LOVED a box like this when I got married.

Carolina Villarreal - August 24, 2018

I love how easy you make it happen for all the brides!! Love that box!!

Kathy - August 24, 2018

Don’t forget the food! Lack of it tends to make some of us hangry and tired. And if you’re like I was you’ll want the energy to dance the night away!

Nathalie - Press Print Party! - August 22, 2018

I so agree that the bride needs to think of enjoying the day and not stress out. I remember deciding that whatever was going on I was going to enjoy the day. It was so freeing.

Susan Ashouri - August 20, 2018

What an adorable idea ! I’m sure any bride to be would just appreciate and love this.

Lori - August 20, 2018

I love these ideas! Wish I had you around when I was planning!! Adore the box!!

Holly - August 20, 2018

Great advice for the day of! This box is the perfect way to make the room feel a little bit more special!

Beth Salzman - August 20, 2018

What a fantastic post full of fab ideas for getting ready for the wedding! Love the Bridal Suite Box! It’s a must have!

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