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Be Mine 💘 Galentine

Galentine's Day is (un)officially the day before Valentine's Day. On this day, women celebrate the women in their lives (friends, sisters, mothers, daughters), you catch my drift. Heck, if the men want in on this, switch the pronoun to Malentine's day and voila! Here are some ways for you to join in the fun: 

💘 Host a gathering at home: brunch, happy hour or a pizza party in pajamas. Check out more ideas from The Fashionable Hostess

💘 Host a swap (i.e. an exchange): wine, clothing, cookies, or your "favorite things".

💘 Drop gifts at her door: wine (I see a theme here), flowers, coffee or a card. A DIY idea like these planters are darling + easy(ish), from Think.Make.Share. 

💘 Enjoy a day of self care together: manis & pedis, massages or a yoga class. 

Visit our online boutique for Galentine's, Malentine's and Valentine's Day party decor + more! 

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