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Be A Star Birthday Party 7

Let's be honest, picking a birthday theme for a pre-teen girl is difficult!  Especially when you don't want to opt for entertaining a group of girls for an evening sleepover, so when I had to come up with something suitable for a Friday afternoon, casual, short and building off things I already had around the house... A STAR party came into mind!   With just a few easy pieces of decor and a karaoke microphone you've got a party ready to go!


  • Jackie Walter
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Italian Soda Party Beverage Station 7

Why not try an Italian Soda Bar at your next party?  With all the key ingredients to a fun and simple party drink, it's sure to be a hit with your party guests! 

Italian Soda Bar | Sprinkles & Confetti

A Puppy Party with a Plan 2

I met Allison earlier this year, and I was blown away for her passion for parties!    We instantly bonded over our common goal of helping busy hosts & hostesses throw simpler parties.  She not only has a passion for parties, but she does so much of the hard work by starting to plan early so her purchasable party plans include great ideas for decor, food, and activities during the party. 

Puppy Party Table Setup
  • Jackie Walter
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Five is Fun! 0

It's all about the girlie girlie in this post!  When our little girl turned 5 and all she really asked for was a playdate with her favorite girlfriends, I was thrilled...something I knew mom could handle! 

Happy Birthday Party banner with #5 Balloon

  • Jackie Walter
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