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Life is S'More Fun with You Valentine's Day Party



Valentine's Day celebrations have taken on a whole new meaning now that I have kids and I love that this winter holiday gives us a reason to have a little fun and celebrate all those we love in our life. 

A couple of years ago we started hosting a Valentine's day playdate party for the kids and our neighbor friends and it's become a yearly tradition.  Since I'm in the party business we always host ours a few weekends before Valentine's Day so I can share all the details, but nevertheless it's always fun to work with the kids to determine the theme of the year and setup together as they get excited to become mini host and hostess for the afternoon!


Smore's Kid Friendly Valentine's Party

This year I partnered up again with Alison from Just Add Confetti who inspired these fun "Life's S'More Fun with Friends Like You" party printables! 

So what's my key to hosting without the hassle?  I follow these three simple rules:

  • The invite list must be small.  I mean small enough to fit in the kids play room so we really do only invite the neighbors and keep it to that! 
  • I limit the "menu."  Since this party is about spoiling the kids.... we pick 1 or 2 snacks and keep it simple.  We always host in the middle of the afternoon so there's no need to go overboard with a big elaborate spread and that helps keep the setup and cleanup quick for this busy mom!
  • We focus on kindness.  I try to make sure every year (especially as the kids get older) they recognize that Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to spread kindness and joy and we talk about hosting as a way to do something kind for our friends! 





So what do you need to host your own S'More fun filled afternoon? Not much! 

Shopping list:

  • Tablecloth for easy cleanup
  • Snack Cups
  • Valentine's Day Plates & Napkins
  • Just Add Confetti's Printables
  • Quick Target run:
    • Graham Crackers
    • Hersey Bars
    • Heart Shaped Marshmallows
    • Sterno 
    • Bamboo Sticks for Marshmallow Roasting 


Once all the essentials are in place it's all about the fun.   This year we took our pictures before entertaining friends to ensure we could focus our attention on our guests, but at the end of the day these two kiddos were full of sugar, love, and giggles!  

Fun Kids Valentine's Day Party




Parties Made Simple.








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  • Jackie Walter
Comments 10
  • Beth

    Love this party, especially that you’re promoting a theme of spreading kindness!

  • Nathalie - Press Print Party!
    Nathalie - Press Print Party!

    Loving that poster with the 2 loving s’mores.. So cute

  • Pam Flynn
    Pam Flynn

    I love to make Valentine cupcakes with my granddaughter to celebrate Valentines Day!

  • Georgette Stathis
    Georgette Stathis

    Super cute! We like to get the heart pizzas from Papa Murphys or Papa Johns to enjoy with our kids for Valentine’s Day.

  • Antoinette M
    Antoinette M

    What a fun party! We love baking cookies and making Valentine’s cards!

  • Natalie Mayhew
    Natalie Mayhew

    What an adorable party! Totally smitten!

  • Barbara Pacific
    Barbara Pacific

    To celebrate Valentine’s I always make heart shape pancakes, heart shaped sandwiches and cookies for lunch. It is fun

  • Bri Adams
    Bri Adams

    This is a GREAT theme! So fun. I should think about having my kids help host their best friends for Valentine’s. We always do a family thing but you are right about events being a great way to spread kindness! It’s a wonderful lesson.

  • Lori

    S’mores are the best! What a fabulous idea for a Valentines surprise!

  • Natalie Mayhew
    Natalie Mayhew

    Love how child friendly this is as well as being bold and colorful!

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