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Hosting the Perfect Party Without Pinterest Overload


Hosting the Perfect Party Without Pinterest Overload 

With all the information and inspiration that Pinterest is dishing out these days party planning should be effortless, right? Well it should be, but with so many options and ideas floating around it can make hosting a party feel infinitely more overwhelming and intimidating! We feel you.  

You sit down, ready to feel inspired, perhaps sipping a glass of your favorite wine or enjoying a moment of quiet in the busy house to scroll the pages of Pinterest seeking your perfect party inspiration.... it might look something like this


Then before you know it, you've saved a 100 pins and are more lost than when you sat down about what your next party theme is going to be and you feel like you've wasted a few hours without any more clarity than when you began and you feel like this... 

It’s easy to get sucked into the endless vortex of perfectly curated and decorated party spreads, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve got some hacks to help you navigate those endless Pinterest pages.



Choosing a general theme can work wonders for simplifying your planning process. At its basic level it can help you hone in on colors. It’s amazing what some thoughtfully color coordinated décor can do for a party! A theme can also guide you when deciding what you want the decor or menu focus of your party to be. Who are you throwing it for? Adults? Kids? Both? Thinking about these questions can help you decide what will be valuable additions to your event.

And let’s not forget, identifying a strong theme is also a great way to keep yourself focused when scrolling through ideas. It’s easy to be distracted by new, pretty posts, but deciding on a theme helps keep you focused and allows you to stick to your vision even when something new pops up.

PRO Tip:  Be specific in your search terms.  For example, search Baby Shower and you're going to get a large variety of inspiration, but search Spring Baby Shower Brunch and you're likely to find something more relevant to your party needs.  


Have a party person or brand you’re inspired by on Instagram?  Chances are they also have boards on Pinterest featuring their past party themes, menu items or maybe even a cute party favor idea!   Start with a style you know and people you trust, consider looking for brands you like on Pinterest to see how they’ve styled parties in the past.  Not sure where to start, check out this past blog post where we highlight 5 Party Pros we’re inspired by!

Know What You Need

Once you’ve solidified your theme, figure out what exactly you need. Build a search plan so you don’t end up scrolling mindlessly until your lost DEEP in the abyss of Pinterest. Identify if you are looking for general ideas or if you just need specific items. Table décor? Cocktail ideas? Themed snacks? Party activities?

Whatever it is, make sure you know before beginning your search and take advantage of some of our helpful boards narrowed by topic - here's just a few to start!



One of the easiest ways to simplify the process is by focusing on collections.  If you can effectively identify a theme that excites and inspires you there is a lot of opportunity to find an already curated collection that can bring it all together. There are people out there sorting through all the clutter to build a cohesive assortment of decorations that create a one stop shop for you! These collections can tie all your ideas together and leave you feeling on top of your game. (Psst… that's what we do and Sprinkles & Confetti can hook you up with some awesome collections)!


Believe me, we love Pinterest just as much as the next person but sometimes you need to take a step back and simplify. By focusing on a theme, clearly identifying what you need and using collections where you can, you can take hours off your online searching and leave more time for the fun stuff!


Pinterest Party Ideas & Inspiration


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  • Jackie Walter
Comments 6
  • Susan

    Great tips ! I can be stuck on Pinterest for hours. Staying focused and organized is key.

  • Nathalie - Press Print Party!
    Nathalie - Press Print Party!

    Great tips. Pinterest can be such a time sucker!! I need to check out your collections!

  • Holly

    Yes!! I am starting to use collections more and it helps keep things organized and easy to find again! Such good tips here.

  • Bri Adams
    Bri Adams

    This is SUCH great advice!! I know I get sucked into Pinterest WAAAAY too long. I’m loving your curated collections. It’s so helpful to have someone sifting through the noise to come up with the perfect solution.

  • Beth Salzman
    Beth Salzman

    Great tips! Love the idea to use collections on Pinterest!

  • Lori

    I love these suggestions! Especially the part about staying focused (which is hard for me :). and using collections!!

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