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Creating Memorable Parties without Spending a Fortune


Creating Memorable Parties Without Spending a Fortune

Whether it’s a 5th birthday party, adults only cocktail event, a holiday celebration, or anything in between, we all want to throw the bash of the century. Unfortunately, that big bash tends to come with a pretty painful price tag. The good news is, we have compiled some easy tips on how to create the party everyone will be talking about while still sticking to your budget.



Decorations don’t have to be expensive to leave a big impression. Pick décor that can make a significant impact without high expenses, balloon arch anyone?? Another genius way to do this is by featuring your food – it allows it to double as both refreshments and décor! Adding a killer playlist is also a FREE way to totally elevate the atmosphere and amplify your theme.

Balloon Arch


You can also make sure you are making an impact by being intentional about the big purchases you do choose to make…. What do you really need? Take a mental and a physical inventory of what you have and what you genuinely do need to purchase. And this leads us to tip #2….



Odds are you’ve got your very own storage bin full of party décor you can’t bring yourself to part with despite the fact there is no foreseeable opportunity to reuse it… We all do. And wouldn’t you love more than anything to see it used again?! Take advantage of this and ask people if they have any spare party supplies and décor that you could use! There are tons of local Facebook groups popping up full of people looking to sell or even give away decorations they no longer have a use for. One man’s trash is another (wo)man’s treasure? We think so!



When starting your planning process be thoughtful about how you want to go about planning and what you ultimately want to execute. We’ve got some great party stylist here at Sprinkles & Confetti that would love to help you plan to ensure you optimize your budget for any event you’re planning!

When planning parties with a particular theme, try to shop the theme all together as a collection to ensure items match for impact and reduce the expense of purchasing from multiple vendors. 

Money saving tip:  Skip the overly fancy plates & napkins, substitute solid party supplies in their place which are normally half the cost!  Allowing you to spend on other items that will elevate the theme of the party like balloons, decor & banners. 

Solid Party Supply Items  

At the end of the day, remember that the important part is not how much you spend, but the experience for you and your guests. Thinking hard about how to make an impact, leveraging your network of friends and being intentional with your planning are great ways to make sure you leave an impression without breaking the bank.

Still not sure where to start to simplify your party!  Check out our helpful video on How to Host a Party off 1 6ft Table - just click here!   


Parties Made Simple.











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  • Jackie Walter
Comments 8
  • cheapaprtyshop

    Good Artilce

  • Nathalie - Press Print Party!
    Nathalie - Press Print Party!

    I’m always the one who calls my friends to see what they have on hand! No need to buy lots of things if your friends already have them.

  • Beth

    I totally endorse the concept of re-using and upcycling party supplies and household items to create a great guest experience! That’s what a party’s all about — providing a great time for your guests! It’s not about how much you spend!

  • Brenda

    such a great post with party tips – I love creating fun parties for my girls that don’t cost a fortune as it can add up quickly :)

  • Susan

    Love the idea of asking close friends and family if they have any spare party decor or supplies ! We all have a stash hidden somewhere !

  • Holly

    Great advice! The borrowing items from others or grabbing someone’s party leftovers is so under-utilized! I was just chatting with a friend this weekend and we are borrowing some things to each other so we each save some money!

  • Bri Adams
    Bri Adams

    Yes. Yes. and YES! These are fabulous tips. I love the balloon arch. Balloons are so inexpensive and that is such a gorgeous focal point. Plus using your friends and family to borrow stuff is critical. I’ve started doing it more and more and it’s been a lifesaver. Cause I have the propensity to spend way too much.

  • Lori

    You know I’m a firm believer that you can celebrate without spending a fortune! I love your advice for how to celebrate in style without breaking the bank!!

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